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Alberta Childcare Subsidy


New Affordability Grant ($10-a-day Daycare by 2026) is available to all families.
Subsidy is also available to parents who qualify.

What is Affordability Grant
Alberta and Canada’s governments have signed an agreement to reduce child care fees in half for parents with kids zero to kindergarten age starting early 2022 and reach an average of $10 a day child care by 2025-26. The government is doing this in two ways: by providing affordability grants directly to the licensed child care centers (like Tiny Town Daycare) so the centers can lower fees for all parents, and by raising the income threshold for child care subsidy up to $180,000.

So, the affordability grant and subsidy will work together for those parents who qualify for a subsidy based on their income, but the affordability grant will be available for all parents regardless of their family income.

What this means for parents
Starting in early 2022, all parents can expect to see a reduction in fees as follows:

Infant fees(12 months - less than 19 months) will reduce by $635 per month
Toddler fees (20 months - less than 3 years) will reduce by $510 per month
Pre-school fees (3 years - 5 years) will reduce by $450 per month

Maximum subsidy rates
In addition to the reduction in fees through the affordability grant, the subsidy will continue to be available to families who qualify as per adjusted rates and income thresholds. The maximum subsidy that a family can qualify for will be $266 (for family income under $120,000). So, this subsidy will be on top of the reduction in fees that will be available to all families due to the new affordability grant.

For all subsidy inquiries contact:
Child Care Subsidy, Alberta Supports Contact Centre
P.O. Box 1641, Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 2N9
Phone: 1-877-644-9992 or in Edmonton 780-644-9992 Option 2
Fax: 780-422-5692
E-mail: css.childsubsidy@gov.ab.ca
Website: alberta.ca/child-care-subsidy

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