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Highland NEXT | Strathmore NEXT | CORE

Kindergarten to Grade 6
Before & After School Care Program
Summer Care 
(Strathmore, Alberta) (NW Calgary, Alberta)

12 months - 5 years
Full Day Care 
Kindergarten Readiness
(Strathmore, Alberta)

Highland NEXT (Calgary)

Strathmore NEXT

Sing Happy Birthday Twice or ABC's As You wash!


I seriously can not say enough incredible things about this child care facility, I have never experienced such a  fabulous atmosphere for children.  The staff are all so friendly, and quick to welcome everyone each and every day.  I love this place!
                                            - Audrey E.

My son has been attending Next and it's been a great experience. The leaders are very good at their jobs. Their approach to environments is fabulous. My wife is an elementary teacher and she really appreciates Next's programming.
                                              - Dennis W.

My son has been going here for over a year now and I am still happy with the program. There was a transition period after the old director resigned, but I am just as happy with the changes that have been implemented when the new Director took over. The staff who look after him really give him a lot of attention and care and they are able to work with us on his allergies.
                                             -Amanda F.

My son attended the summer camp program this past year, and enjoyed the different activities and outdoor swimming! He kept talking about the frogs at the farm and how much he enjoyed the hot lunch. I will definitely be sending him again this year.
                                               -Victoria C.